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Oops someone got sentenced for pulling the exclusivity card! Christian Louboutin is famous for having a throw down in law suits when it comes to other brands using red-soles, a concept which he claims to have trademarked in 2008. Do you fashionista remember the pending Yves Saint Laurent case?

Louboutin is at war with High Street Zara over the colour and French Court Cour de Cassation has unsurprisingly ruled in the High street brand’s favour! The luxury Shoe designer sued the High Street chain claiming they had copied his Yo Yo sling backs but the French Court begs to differ and maintains in its ruling that Zara’s version could not mislead or confuse buyers with the designer’s piece even though both version of the heels have the distinctive red sole!

Zara’s claim against Louboutin’s decision to sue their brand was that customers would not be confused between the Louboutin shoes retailing at around £395 and their version approximately £50 (Euros). According to WWD, the French Court bought the High street store’s argument and have sentenced Louboutin to pay £2,000 in compensation to the brand.

Regardless of the ruling, the General Manager of Christian Louboutin, Alexis Mourot assures that the shoe company would press on with its battle to win exclusive use of the ‘red sole’. Eek! Sounds like a long and hard battle to me. We’ll have to just wait and see. What do you think? Click HERE to read about the YSL suit!

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