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Manhattan born Sasha Charnin Morrison is the current Fashion Director of US Weekly magazine and has worked with top publications such as ELLE, Vanity Fair, Seventeen, Allure and much more. This month back in 2008, she was honoured by Radar Magazine as the 6th most powerful person in fashion! Sasha added the title author to her amazing resume when she published the book “Secrets of Stylists” in 2011 – A true must-read.

Probably one of the coolest fashion personalities I’ve ever had the pleasure of tweeting so you can imagine my delight when she instantly agreed to be featured on Ruby’s View. In this edition of ‘RV Special’ Sasha tells us the grits and nits of the industry she’s been working in for more than 20 years!

  • What inspired you to pursue a career in fashion?

I walked into the Vogue fashion closet at 12 or 13 years old and I knew right then I wanted whatever that was in that small room as my career.

  • What do you enjoy the most about your job?

I love the fact that it changes constantly and that we redesign the magazine almost every week. It’s never dull. Never.

  • Describe your “I made it!” moment…

I think when I reached 10,000 followers on twitter. Seriously, I know like 10 people.

  • Who is a true fashion icon to you?

It makes me nuts when people who wear a great designer suddenly become “style or fashion icons.” Stevie Nicks, Madonna, Cleopatra-in that order. They are true icons of style.

  • What is an item in your closet you cannot live without?

My padded hangers.

  • Thinking back, what is your biggest fashion faux pas?

I never had any but I can’t think of any horrible mis-steps. Growing up the way I did in Manhattan with a chic mom, dad and stepmother everything seemed to fall right in place.

  • What is a style you think will never go out of trend?

Leopard will always be naughty and I love it. It’s also like a neutral now.

  • What style tips have you got for our readers?

Really think about a trend. Will it work for you? will you love it or will you be laughed at? Don’t try things because they’re so newsy. Try something because you like it. It appeals to you and your eye. Be your best critic and go with your instincts. You know what you like what you don’t better than anyone. Trust yourself.

  • A day in Fashion Director’s life goes like…

Making sure that everything is properly thought out and then being ready to change when it’s not working.

  • Any advice for a young person wishing to start a career in fashion?

Be patient, learn, listen. If you want a career in this business, be willing to spend time honing your craft. Stay in a job longer than two months. Do not try to become a star overnight and search out a Bravo talent scout. The best stylists and fashion editors in the business learned and listened to the best. If you’re not willing to train, unpack boxes and answer phones from the get go, you’re not cut out for this. There are no set rules. Bad experiences are always the best so as you go on, you know what not to do.

There you have it fashion people! Her interview tells us the true nature of the industry but one thing remains sounds if this is what you want, you’ll easily be able to achieve with passion. Massive thank you to Sasha for taking her time to answer my questions. Such a delight!

xxox The Girl in Red Lipstick