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As we teeter on the edge of summer, many of us are desperate to get fit quickly. However it is crucial to remember that we are all different and finding the right routine to suit our bodies and lifestyle will ensure that we get the best results.  Key things to consider when selecting a workout plan are:


Start slowly. Jumping into rigorous exercises or a marathon especially after a long halt guarantees that it will feel like a punishment and there will be no lasting commitment or effect.


As we are all built different, we should choose a workout for our shape focusing on our problem areas. This will make our entire body fit and balanced as opposed to leaving us looking shapeless and ‘overworked’


Keeping an exercise schedule is vital as it helps our bodies get used to the routine and increases our commitment level and results.


3 days a week is usually advised however if you can exercise every day of the week, go for it! Keep at it not only for the summer…your body will be the result!

Remember, the focus is on what works best for our bodies and not on the latest exercise craze. Don’t you agree guys? What are your favorite exercises?