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Hey Fashionistas! It’s been a long time since there was a controversial fashion topic to discuss and thanks to Elizabeth Hurley’s act of generosity or carelessness (you decide) we’ve got something to debate about.

The actress was spotted with her soon-to-be husband Shane Warne and his teenage daughter Brooke out shopping in Manhattan. Elizabeth and 13 yr-old Brooke adorned Hermes Birkin handbags on their trip which is believed to be courtesy of her soon-to-be step-mum.

The famous Hermes firkin bag which is commonly carried by stars such as Victoria Beckham, Eva Longoria and Paris Hilton costs at least £5,000 with the highest retailing at 1 million! As a teenager, I probably spent a lot of time with high street bags from stores like TopShop. I do feel Brooke is too young to be rocking such as splurge even if it’s not her own and it might send the message to onlookers.

Is she too young for a designer bag? Probably not however, a handbag that retails for nothing less than £5,000 she probably is. It could end up teaching her everything about price and nothing about value. The question: is Are you ever too young to clutch expensive handbags such as a Birkin or does it even matter?

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