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Whether it’s summer or winter, it is important we pay attention to our skin as it is our main covering! Apart from nourishing it by staying hydrated and eating good wholesome meals, there are quick and easy ways to keeping our skin supple all year round:

1. Exfoliate

We hear about exfoliating our face at the time, well our bodies need scrubbing too at least twice weekly especially in the summer when our skin is more exposed.  This helps take off all that dead skin build up revealing a nice glow as our dermal layers are stimulated. Natural scrubs are great and inexpensive to make at home. Here’s a quick recipe: Mix 1/3 cup brown sugar+1/4 cup Olive oil+ Juice of 1 lemon=Super scrub!

 2. Epilate

This is important for us girls in the summer. Fuzz can be unsightly especially when rocking anything short. Popular methods of keeping hair at bay including shaving (be sure to condition the skin to avoid cuts), waxing, or laser treatment. Take your pick!

3. Moisturize

This is so vital no matter your skin type. Skipping moisturizer could quickly cause dryness, redness or flaking and in time allow wrinkles to show up on your skin earlier than they otherwise might.

What do you think ladies? How do you prep your skin for the summer?