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Happy New Month RV Readers! It’s mind-buggling how fast-paced 2012 is moving. What has the year taught you so far? The concept of staying happy even when things are tough has been a resounding lesson these past three months. My new philosophy for you going forward is to press on no matter what because someone out there has it more challenging than you!

I’ve got exciting news for you this month – RubysView.com is expanding! We have a new service called Ruby’s View Personal Shopping designed to make life less stressful for our busy-bee fashionistas. Click HERE to find out more. As most of you know, we wouldn’t be completely fashionable without staying healthy so I couldn’t resist the urge for a new medium to promote lifestyle change. Be prepared for more beauty scoop starting this March!

Let’s not forget that this month is a very special one as we celebrate our mothers for their sheer honesty, support and undying love. What will you get her on mother’s day? If you’re stuck, look out for Ruby’s View gift ideas that’s sure to be a money-saver and a true mother-pleaser. Till my next letter, stay happy and inspired!

xxox The Girl in Red Lipstick