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Hey Fashion Angels, here’s the first 2012 Beauty Update from TV Personality Lala Vazquez Anthony. In addition to her reality show “Lala’s Full Court life” on VH1 is her new make-up range launching this year. The cosmetics line will feature a number of products for ethnic skin tones such as foundation, lipsticks, eye-shadows and lip glosses.

Lala recently tweeted this picture of her make-up range and the Insider has got the scoop on the products, “We’re told La La will have makeup available for all skin types, but her line will have a major focus on foundations to match all ethnic skin tones from light to dark. La La’s emphasis on the special foundation types were made because of the lack of availability for women of color in many beauty lines. 

In addition to foundation, there will also be a lip gloss line that will have around 10 different shades as well as lipstick, eyeliner, mascara, eyeshadow and shimmer.” What do you Fashionistas think? Would you buy Lala’s make-up range when it’s released?

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