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                                             “New Year, New You…”

Doesn’t it feel good to be in 2012? I’ll speak for myself when I say it’s amazing to be in the New Year. It gives us a fresh start on almost everything – careers, relationships, your personal style and much more.

What New Year resolutions have you made this time? To drop a dress size, to change jobs or to simply be the best version of you? Whichever you’ve chosen, the key to seeing it through is sticking to it. I have made two New Year resolutions for 2012 – 1) To dress more effortlessly 2) to be healthier and more fit. Is it possible? YES!

Change is the focus in this issue. It might seem like a difficult phenomenon but it’s the only thing that promises a new outlook on life itself. Embrace change and see how far you can go. Your intention alone means you’re half way there, don’t stop now.

Happy New Year Ruby’s View readers!!!

xxox The Girl in Red Lipstick