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“Defeat doesn’t mean you are a failure, Quitting does…”

It’s on everyone’s lips right now that TV Personality Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries have parted ways after 72 days of marriage so it’s difficult to ignore the subject in this issue. Sad and devastating as it may be for both of them, you can’t help but feel robbed as a fan. A Twitter follower connotes my thoughts on the subject perfectly “Kim Kardashian’s definition of ‘forever’ is when the cheque is cashed”

Love is the foundation of almost everything and certainly one of the reasons why I started putting my words to paper when it comes to fashion so once this started to wither, I decided to take the time of writing. Why? Because it’s a lot better than throwing in the towel.

Your dreams may fade but they will always be your dreams. Taking time out to gather your thoughts on why those were your aspirations in the first place could be the turning point in making those dreams come true!

xxox The Girl in Red Lipstick