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Hey Fashion Angels, did you know the ten commandments of dressing? I didn’t and I’m so glad I stumbled on them. It’s one of those must-know, have-to-share moments I often get. I’m pretty sure you would have seen or read at least two or three of these commandments at some point in your style evolution.

Some of my fashion inspiration comes from flipping through weekly magazines and reading tones of fashion related books. I’m constantly sending photos of books/magazines I buy on Twitter. Last night was no exception when I picked up Harper’s Bazaar Great Style – Best ways to update your look from my fashion library.

An average educative feed until I got to the last page of the book and saw the ten commandments of dressing. The mere fact I was ticking each one in my head called for a blog post. Here’s the list to add to your fashion knowledge:

1. Know what you like and what you don’t.

2. Dress for yourself – not for anyone else.

3. Dress to suit your age.

4. Dress to suit your shape.

5. Look appropriate for where you are going.

6. Wear your clothes with confidence.

7. Feel good about what you spend your money on.

8. Embrace your individual style.

9. Don’t be a slave to the latest trend.

10.Don’t be afraid to break the rules.

Aren’t they pretty good? I agree with them all but my favourites are commandments three, six, eight and nine. The key one is commandment six. You really can’t beat a lady who steps out with confidence! If you’re not feeling confident, let your clothes speak volumes for you.

xxox The Girl in Red lipstick