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Yes, that’s right, Fashion Angels! Another news update for you regarding the Louboutin “Red Sole” case. The tension rises further between the two parties when Yves Saint Laurent receive a minor blow after the judge Victor Marrero sides with Christian Louboutin as the court case continues.

Yves Saint Laurent submitted additional articles that included a chart representing all their red-soled shoe designs that date back to 2004 up till now. Their lawyer, David Bernstein, argued further that YSL began using red as a signature colour since the brand was first established in 1962. However, Louboutin’s lawyer fought back stating that the findings they have produced are considered as unreliable. The judge agreed with Christian Louboutin and has deemed the chart and their other exhibits as unreliable.

Yves Saint Laurent’s lawyer has said, “We don’t think that any fashion designer should be able to monopolize any colour.” They have previously claimed that Christian Louboutin has been deceptive with his trademark application of that he had “exclusive” use of the red sole. Christian Louboutin spoke back stating that it is only one specific shade of red that they are claiming rights to.

Because the judge, Victor Marrero has requested for more time, it is still unknown when the case will reach a verdict. Following the latest, I am still adamant that Christian Louboutin has gone a bit over-the-top by seeking an injunction. So, fashionistas, after the small victory for Christian Louboutin, do you think Yves Saint Laurent will continue to struggle? Or can they bounce back? I’d love to hear your views!

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