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The verdict is out for a reconciliation between Christian Dior and John Galliano. As he stands trial at a Parisian court for his anti-semitic comments made back in february, the 50-yr-old Gibraltar-born designer’s fate has been decided.  The Fashion House have gone ahead to replace him with British-born designer Bill Gyatten who has worked at Galliano for 23 years.

Although unfamiliar to most fashion journalists, editors, stylists and even buyers, Dior maintains in a statement that, “Gaytten’s expertise to innovate patterns, cut and drape are what define the DNA of the house” In that light, it is fair to say we can expect to see some great designs from the new Creative Director in the coming seasons.


As most of you readers predicted, John Galliano’s being reinstated was highly unlikely even though at his hearing he claims that his addiction to alcohol and drugs have not allowed to remember the anti-semitic and racist attacks he allegedly made. He says he is sorry for “the sadness this affair has caused” but his apology comes a little too late.

Bill Gaytten acknowlegdes the new changes for Dior at their menswear S/S 11/12 fashion show by saying, “Things change, things move on, that’s life” This is probably the right approach to take given the circumstances. Fashion Angels, What do you think? Is it a fair turnout? I’m happy shocked but something tells me Galliano won’t go quietly. Dior may still have to deal with perhaps a wrongful dismissal claim.

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