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Hey Dolls, it’s the end of the month and that means a preview of my top three celebrities that made it into Fashion Detention! There are… 1. Cheryl Cole 2. Nicola Roberts. It seems like the Girls Aloud members weren’t doing too well in the style zone and my no 3 spot goes to Rihanna in a BCBG white maxi dress. Here’s my thoughts on these celebrities fashion mishaps!


I really applaud Cheryl Cole for stepping out in two of this season’s key trends – colour blocking and statement trousers but Ladies this is not a good example to follow. Apart from the over the top blow dry and seriously unflattering pants, the hue choices don’t work for her. The hemline is far too long and looks like a rushed job by her or her stylist. A lesson I learnt from reading Victoria Beckham’s book “that extra half an inch” is to always make sure your trousers have a good length for high heels by giving the bottom a bit of a lift or you else up looking shapeless.

Yikes! Another Girls Aloud member’s in Fashion Detention. All round an ambitious outfit to say the least! Nicola Roberts has definitely taken a Lady Gaga pill following her recent interview with the Artist for MTV! This is a bad clash of all kinds of prints. Extreme looks like this should be left to Gaga because I’m sure I speak for most when I say she’s all we can take with the weird ensembles. Next time, Nicola stick to your usual. It suits you way better!

If this was Rihanna’s wedding dress, everyone would out shine her! A decent colour but this maxi takes away from her figure and makes look twice her size. Simply unflattering for the Pop star. Petite ladies, stick with simple maxi style dresses that will accentuate your curves.

There you go Ladies. What do you think? Which starlets were in your Top 3 from Fashion Detention?  NO FINES, JUST TIME-OUT!

xxox The Girl in Red Lipstick