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OMG I died and went to heaven! Ha… and this has nothing to do with the world ending, it’s far more about the fabulous shoe collection you’re about to gaze at! So I had a lookie at Khloe Kardashian’s blog earlier today and saw on these gorgeous pictures by ELLE Magazine of Khloe’s shoe collection. One of those yeah-my-readers-should-see-this moment.

 You dolls know I have a thing with My Dream Closet clippings. The shoes were more appealing this time. You’ve got to admit it Khloe’s got a bit of a Louboutin addiction. Everyone including you and me are all obsessed with Parisian Shoe Designer Christian Louboutin. I really can’t begin to describe the obsession but I’m pretty sure you get my drift.

Studs, boots, peep-toes, you could spot any style of footwear if you stared long enough. Has anyone seen that many red soles in one room? Wait hang on. I have. Check out fellow blogger Purse Addict who has got it going on in the Louboutin World too. Happy Sunday Fashion People. Enjoy!

xxox The Girl in Red Lipstick