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Fashion Dolls, here’s another Blog Chat and a pretty controversial one – recently, Victoria Beckham was accused of killing crocodiles in an inhumane way to make a luxury handbag! The £18, 000 handbag which is designed for the Victoria Beckham collection could be made from skinning the animals alive.

A spokesman for People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals has commented that, “PETA pledges to eat its own cloth hat if the animal skinned to make Victoria Beckham’s bag are humanly or ethical treated. Whether in America or elsewhere, exotic animals suffer tremendously before they are turned into accessories… they may be killed by being repeatedly bludgeoned with baseball bats and having their spines crudely severed with hammers and chisels”

Victoria Beckham’s PR agent maintains that the animals which are skinned are ethically sourced and her spokeman had this to say, “As is the case for many luxury handbag brands including Chanel, Hermes, Gucci, Dior and others, the Victoria Beckham handbag collection features a small number of styles made from exotic skins”

The PETA’s spokeman ended by saying, “Exotic skins are produced by incredibly cruel means, no matter how Mrs Beckham’s PR people try to spin it” This got me thinking: At what point does our love for luxury accessories become excessive? Is it justified when fashion labels only produce a small number? I’m on both sides! What do you think?

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