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Seen as it’s the end of February I thought I’ll throw in some motivation into the mixer! How many of you put ‘I will go to the gym more often’ in your New Year’s Revolution for 2011? Have you been working out? Sadly, I haven’t! It’s natural to gain weight in the winter but spring fashion could only mean one thing – It’s time to start working out again!

So what can you do to stay fit? Well what you eat is a start! Not everyone has the time in the day to go to the gym but you have time to eat. I tend to have really bad eating habits but when I’m out of the gym  for a while, I watch what I eat – salads, vegetables, lots of fruits and healthy snack bars keep me in the healthy lane!

It’s important to remember that our favourite celebrities make a lot of effort in the gym to keep fit and some even go to the craziest diets to fit into the next Oscar De La Renta gown but you don’t have to do that – A walk, a little jog here and there is all you need! A ritual I’ve starting doing is skipping at home which is really easy and quick!

Being healthy is the ultimate goal and you can stay motivated knowing there’s someone doing the same thing with you! You may not be able to wear all the trends but you stand a better chance at being fit to wear all things fashionable when your body is in shape! I hope this inspires and motivates you, let’s take care of our bodies together because every little does help…

xxox The Girl in Red Lipstick