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Gucci has spoken! Cinching of the waist has a new meaning and you guessed it – Rope it up. Rope Belts were the key accessory on the models at their Spring runway and I predict it would be massive soon. Think Eygptian, think Grecian! I find myself wearing rope belts even more than other belts (secretly wondering why I haven’t spoken about it till now…)

Rope belts are usually part and parcel when you wear a shift dress or a T shirt dress. They are multi-functional as you can use one for different looks. It’s a nice way to spice up an outfit. You might think it’s only suitable in the summer but that’s not the case. Wear it with peg-trousers to work or over a plain jumper dress and opaque tights in winter. Another way I wear mine is over my Burberry trench. Sometimes I find trench coats to be mildly boring so that’s my way of adding interest. Try it.

Unstructured and loosely tied is the manual of the Rope belt style. Keep it simple with one knot. a black rope belt is a safe bet go for a colour that’s not only striking but brings out the hues in your ensemble. Tan and gold in the style of these photos will help you achieve that. The unconventional rope belts are the new way to do a cinch… Who’s buying?

xxox The Girl in Red Lipstick