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A Ruby’s View reader Saiqa, set me a challenge this week and I wanted to share it with you. She said “I’ve got a Christmas party at the end of the year and I want to wear a long dress. Could you come up with an outfit for me? Obviously I have to be pretty covered as I am a Muslim. My budget is £200 and never mind about the shoes!”

I came up with these three gorgeous dresses under £80 which were pretty much covered. I was particularly drawn to these because they are quite reserved! Check out the look I came up with in the end.

I went for the purple dress from Oasis purely because I think it’s understated. Purple is a great colour for fall! The Hijab is quite simple. I wanted the focus to be on the dress and nude is oh-so chic. Saiqa will be covered up without taking the detail from the dress!

The Faux-Fur is an on-trend shrug which adds glamour to the overall look. I love this clutch from Mango, I think a dark hue adds some edge to this feminine number. I have to say I loved the challenge. What do you guys think? Do you wanna set me a challenge?

xxox The Girl in Red Lipstick