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Hey Fashion Angels, twitter, blogs and celebrities have been going crazy in support of Willow Smith since she released her new video ‘Whip my hair”. Move over Tavi, It’s time to dig deeper into this nine year old’s fashion sense that’s got no boundaries and what better place to start with than her stylist Mariel Haenn.

Haenn describes her as a rock-star through and through. instead of ballerina flats, she’ll wear motorcycle boots… she knows what she likes and she’s vocal about it” I love her sense of style at such a tender age. It’s so refreshing to see the Smiths are allowing her to be expressive with her clothes and career!

Willow’s clearly not a girly girl, rocking out in lace-up boots and converses, she’s a confident young girl and it could only have stemmed from a supportive mother. Even with all the attention, Willow’s is still shy and humble which makes me love her even more. I’m so inspired by her and what she stands for- You’re never too young or too old to follow your dreams!

What do you think Dolls? Do you feel she’s too young? I’m not worried about her because when you have a supportive family like hers, you’re bound to do great things. She’s breaking fashion trends and making fashion statements that are set to rock the fashion world for years to come! Who’s gonna be whipping their hair this friday?

xxox The Girl in Red Lipstick