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Hey Fashion Femmes, an outfit that can easily go from day to night is the best feature to look out for when shopping. It makes a dress that much more exciting, fashionable and most importantly practical for the average woman. Now that’s where Rosa Pushér’s Collection comes in! Designer Tammy Pusher has designed sophiscated and tasteful dresses to suit every woman’s shape using her signature diamond-shaped seams in the waist. You can get either a slimming effect or the illusion of curves, depending on your body type with her clothes!

Soon to start an Online Store where you will be able to have dresses exclusively custom-made to fit your personality, Rosa Pushér definitely pushes boundaries whilst paying attention to needs of the modern woman. Sex-appeal, femininity and panache are the words I’ll use to describe her collection! Whether you’re a stylish worker or an evening diva, you’ll definitely find something up your alley with her clothes.

Tammy Pusher has defined her line as ‘timeless and [won’t] go out of style’, and with comfort as the most important rule of thumb to her as a Fashion Designer, we can already tell she has a bright future in the Industry. Follow Tammy Pusher on twitter for more details on her brand and a sneak peak into the life of this Designer to Watch!

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