Call it an addiction, obsession or perhaps, infatuation but I absolutely love tank tops! I think they are fabulous and best suited for summer because they are ridiculously easy to wear and there are no restrictions on colours. Picking a colour would depend on what  hues you’ve got already and of course your skin tone.

There are so many variations on a tank! They can be loose-fitted, short or long, round-necked or V-necked. I recently bought a cream tank from French Connection. If you’re interested in tanks or you’re a tank-addict, you can rock it with anything from a pair of jeans to a tulip skirt and sometimes the ever-so stylish harem pants. They are so practical and give any tailored outfit an effortless, breezy sensation. Even with the numerous colours in the GRL Closet, white is a definite favourite. Making sure a tank stays white can be difficult, I buy them in bulk so that if and when the colour goes off, getting rid of it doesn’t hurt as much.

Tanks can range from as little as £3 to as much as £1,000! To ease the pressure on your pocket, I’ll suggest discounted stores such as Primark, vintage stores or perhaps shopping outlets such as Woodbury Common in Central Valley or Bicester Village in Oxford.For my Fierce Dolls, Tanks may prove too easy to bother with, but remember it’s not always about taking risks, sometimes it’s just about having fun!

xxox The Girl in Red Lipstick