Hello to all my sexy dolls reading this, well this is for you again as I’ve been getting lots of emails after my post on the Ralph Lauren Skirt. So I thought I’ll talk about a few of my statement heels. I am a great lover of shoes and If I had to pick between Fashion and Pain, I’ll definitely pick Fashion because I’m quite petite and it’s not cute being I.D’d all the time when you are well past LEGAL!

I am a huge fan of tailoring my shoes to a particular use/trend. There’s no point in investing in something you aren’t going to wear often so wearability is a HUGE Factor! I am also a HUGE BARGAIN HUNTER. I got 50% off a pair of Versace shoes recently. Always ask yourself  am I going to wear this a lot or is this impulse spending? and is this a bargain?

my favourite pair right now are a pair of Miu Miu Cage shoes because they are really comfortable and go with absolutely everything in my wardrobe for spring/summer. The Turquoise heels are a definite summer keeper. I absolutely love all my black heels because for one they NEVER go out of season. The YSL Tributes are two years old and I still get compliments wearing them now.

My Carvela Ankle Boots at the top right corner are my all time favourites. They go with almost every trend on the scene and they prove what I am a Firm Believer of. Spending lots of money won’t buy you style, you’ve got to know what works for you and how to be assertive when expressing yourself!

xxox The Girl in Red Lipstick