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Hey, Fashionistas! I’m going to be giving you key investments for this time of the year.

1. Shift dress: They are easy to wear, fun and far to cute to dismiss.

2. Sandals: All types would work such as fringing flats, roman/gladiator sandals and thong sandals in my opinion apart from pumps; it is all about open-toe sandals with bright hues on your toes!

3.Scarf: This is huge. All types of scarves apply here and different colours and patterns allowed so have fun with this one! i invested in an alexander McQueen skull scarf  three years ago and i still get compliments every time i wear it so i think this is a worthwhile piece.

4.Anything in White: Yes, Yes, Yes Every Fashionista would know that anything in this colour is your best friend at this time of the year!

5.Bangles: Try to captivate the tribal look from the Louis Vuitton summer collection. It’s all about big wooden bangles, brown woven patterns, leopard and you will be in the right direction!

6. Trench Coat: With a breezy weather occasionally, you need something light and easy to wear on an outfit. Many people opt for the classic black or brown. I think a more playful colour is appropriate for this time. Hues such as navy blue and purple. Burberry is one of the all time favourites for trench coats for high end buyers and also Topshop, Karen Millen, Reiss and Jaeger.

Make sure you invest in must-haves that are worth investing in! They are not called summer’s essential for nothing ladies!

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